How to Use Facebook For Viral Internet Marketing?

How to Use Facebook for Viral Internet Marketing?

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Viral internet marketing is nothing more than word of mouth marketing. If your customer is fully satisfied with your product or service. He would not only patronize your company, but he would also recommend your products to all his friends and relatives. The kith and kin in their turn would spread the news about your brand and business. With the increase in the value of your brand, your profit margin would also escalate. Here you will certainly learn how to use Facebook for viral Internet Marketing? when you read this article.

In the present day, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Are the most effective viral internet marketing tools. Facebook was launched in February 2004 and within a short span of 10 years. It has been able to attract 1000 million people from almost every nook and corner of the world. It is an excellent platform to stay in touch with all your relatives and friends without bothering about intrusive obstructions like geographical boundaries, cultural disparity, and language variance.

In addition to social networking, Facebook can also be used for marketing your business venture far and wide, and intercepting potential customers. The innumerable user-friendly applications of the website make things relatively easier for you to market your business online. Let’s learn how to use different features of Facebook for viral internet marketing.

Profile page

While creating the profile page, avoid divulging too many personal details. Keep it simple and relevant. For instance, in the ‘About Me’ section, you can describe your business as well as throw some light on the services and products that you offer. Do include the link to your company’s website and blog. As far as the profile photo is concerned, you can upload either your own picture or the logo of your business enterprise.

Friend list

On average, each Facebook user has at least 130 friends. Thus, even a single person on your friend list can help you to get in touch with many more new prospects, who can make your viral internet marketing endeavor successful. To get started, all you need to do is to import the address book of your email account to Facebook. You can also use the search bar of the website to look for new connections. Don’t forget to explore the contact list of your friends.
Here you will surely be able to find some more clients, business associates, neighbors, relatives, school alumni, co-workers, and so forth. Reconnect with them to popularize your brand.

Facebook Message

Use this application as often as you can. Sent personalized messages to your prospects on their birthdays and anniversaries. The message should be simple, short, and sweet. If possible, include one or two relevant product descriptions too. However, make sure that the message doesn’t look like a sales letter. If a prospect finds your product or service useful, he will surely start recommending your company. Every single recommendation can make a difference.

Facebook Photos and videos

· Photos and videos- You can use these applications to spread out the latest information about your products and services. To captivate the attention of your targeted visitors, make sure that the photos and videos are relevant and riveting. For greater impact, always include a short caption or commentary with the picture and video. If any person on your friend list shares your video or makes a comment on your pictures, all the people in your network as well as your friend’s network will come to know about it. Isn’t it an easy way to build brand awareness?

Facebook Wall posts and comments

These are excellent communication tools of Facebook. They allow you to converse candidly with your prospects and put to rest all their doubts, queries and apprehensions. By regularly communicating with your clients and prospects, you can surely build a lifelong relationship with them as well as ensure the success of your viral internet marketing campaign. Only fully satisfied clients won’t hesitate to recommend your products and services.

Facebook Pages

The best way to give your business a unique identity on Facebook is to create a separate page for it. A well-formulated business page engenders professionalism, trustworthiness and credibility. Besides sharing the company information, you can also post photos, videos and messages on the page. By becoming the fan of your page, your customers and prospects will be able to receive and follow all your updates promptly. Additionally, they will also be able to tell their near and dear ones what kind of products and services they are using. Yet, another effective viral internet marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, Facebook is an excellent social media to market your business aggressively on the internet and reach out to your targeted visitors without much effort.

The author of this article is the owner of Stanley Marketing Service. Finally, if you are looking for how to use Facebook for viral Internet Marketing?. Click here to learn everything you need to know about it.

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